Kitchen cabinets are the centerpiece of function and aesthetics in your kitchen, but are also typically the most costly component. A cabinetry purchase can be akin to purchasing a car as there is a dizzying array of options, levels of quality, design philosophies, and price points. There are thousands of cabinetry makers in the U.S., both big and small, and many more foreign cabinet makers who export to the U.S. If you’d like a guide to help you understand types of cabinetry, components, and finishes, contact Nina Patel at

Landis carries two brands of cabinets, but can help you source and install any cabinet line that you want.  We have chosen to be dealers for these companies because we believe in their service, quality, warranties, and the range of styles, finishes and features that they offer.

bremtown allmilmo
Bremtown: A small Indiana custom cabinetry company that offers a wide array of choice, affordable prices and quality materials including the wood, hinges, hardware and joine Allmilmo: A German kitchen cabinet manufacturer, founded in 1965, known for their high-quality kitchen furniture. Their cabinets are available in wide range of styles, features and finishes.