Our Production Team has a straightforward mission statement: To produce jobs on time, on budget with delighted clients that leave us proud. We are passionate about what we do and strive to deliver the best client experience possible.

Homeowner's Emotional Roller Coaster

Remodeling is a stressful and sometimes confusing endeavor for homeowners. Industry author David Lupberger has even generated a graph illustrating the highs and lows of the experience called The Homeowner’s Emotional Roller Coaster.  Landis recognizes a successful project is not just about great design and quality construction; it’s about client experience too.

One of the most important aspects of delivering a great client experience is communication. One of our most effective tools is the internet-based communication platform, BuilderTrend. Clients are able to view their construction calendar, regular updates, progress photos, all pertinent documents, as well as confirm their selections.



Ethan Landis meets with clients

In addition to BuilderTrend, our Project Managers conduct regular client meetings to keep our clients informed and respond to concerns.  Between meetings, they are always available–accessible by phone, email or through BuilderTrend.

To ensure the product we deliver is of the highest quality, we continue to train our field staff in building science, construction best practices, current building codes and jobsite safety. Jobsite safety is our number one priority, ensuring the wellbeing of our clients. as well as our staff.
With almost 25 years of construction experience, we have developed a schedule of meetings to monitor every project as it makes its way through our process. Each meeting is organized around checklists or agendas to ensure our best practices are implemented every step of the way.

Our Production Team is made up of Project Managers, Carpenters and helpers. They are supported by an in-house Electrical and Plumbing Division and overseen by our Director of Production. Each project is assigned a Project Manager; they will be your guide throughout the construction process. Day-to-day site operations are usually overseen by a Lead Carpenter. Their job is to ensure our standards are met by every member of our staff and all our subcontractors.

Production is included early-on in our design development process providing feedback and analysis to the design team. We attend the first walk-thru evaluating house systems, logistics and the intent of the design. We meet with the project designer and estimator as construction documents are finalized. After the construction agreement is signed, we have an

Landis team meets with clients on site

in-house hand-off meeting. This meeting is one of the most critical points in the process. We sit together with the project designer and sales person, exchange information, clarifying design intent and client considerations.
Next is the Client Hand-off Meeting at the jobsite, this meeting is the first in a series of regular client meetings.  The Client Hand-off Meeting is the formal hand-off to Production and it is when the Project Manager becomes the primary point of contact. We discuss housekeeping, establish our weekly meeting time, site security and review various other concerns.

Through-out the construction process, our Team conducts periodic in-house meetings. These meetings give us the opportunity to straighten out the inevitable glitches and assess the well-being of our client. We meet as a team and problem solve as a team.
IMG_8132Site protection and demolition are the first construction phases and as we reach the end of demo and framing begins we have our first in-house meeting, the 5% Meeting.  During this meeting we share concerns, discuss action plans and review the client concerns.

The project team meets again after framing is complete, rough-ins for electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems are installed and we have received our close-in inspection. At this second meeting, our 50% Meeting, we conduct another assessment, confirm change orders are up to date, provide feedback to sales and design. Lastly, we ask how our clients are doing.

Our final production phase meeting, the 80% Meeting, occurs as we near “substantial completion”.  Substantial completion is the point in construction where the space we have created can be used for its intended purpose. We review all financial information, ensure all change orders are written and the concerns of the client have been addressed.

After the dust has settled, the project team meets one last time at a Post Project Review to evaluate our performance, as well as review the client’s evaluation of our performance. This is our opportunity to improve our processes and ensure we continue to deliver the highest level of service.

We back up our work with a warranty program to ensure all systems and finishes are preforming as designed. At the end of the construction process, we hope we have exceeded our client’s expectations and they have joined our growing list of raving fans and returning clients. Referrals and repeat clients are fundamental to our success and they only come through thoughtful attention to our process.

Here is a chart that outlines our Construction Process.


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