"We first met this homeowner to inspect a degraded old group house in D.C.’s Palisades neighborhood. As a remodeling focused design/build firm, we don’t usually recommend tearing down a home, but dutifully wrote the proposal anyway with the bad news. Shortly after that, he bought the home and hired our firm to design a new. "

Palisades, DC - Custom Home

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"This is a new house designed in a farmhouse style to blend in with the feel of old Kensington, a Washington, DC suburb. This is a new house designed in a farmhouse style to blend in with the feel of old Kensington, MD a Washington, DC suburb. This house was built on a virgin lot. "

New Home Built in Farmhouse Style in Kensington, MD

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"Architect and Landis Construction’s Director of Design, Paul Gaiser, transformed a brick mid-century rambler into a stunning 6,000 sq. ft. shingled beauty in the Nantucket style, which fits a family of four nicely. Front and Rear of House, Before Paul opened up the boxy and dark formal rooms of the old house creating a wide. "

Potomac, MD Nantucket Style Shingled Home

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"NARI CotY “Merit” Award Winner 2011 Brief Explanation of the Scope of Work This homeowner retained our firm to design and build a two story addition to add additional bedrooms, bath and to house his grand piano. As an avid piano player, the homeowner wanted a suitably proportioned family room to play music. As well. "

Takoma Park, MD - Rear Addition

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"NARI CotY “Finalist” Award Winner 2009 NARI CotY “Honorable Mention” 2009 Our renovation of this home is the story of. "

LEED Platinum in Georgetown

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"Chrysalis “National” Award Winner 2011 Best of the Best Design “Gold” Award Winner 2011 Master Design “Silver” Award Winner 2011 NARI CotY “Grand” Award Winner 2010 After several decades in this Southwestern DC townhouse, this homeowner decided it was time for a facelift. The 1970’s original aluminum siding with wood batten trim was rotting and. "

Southwest Waterfront, DC - Front and Rear Facade

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"NARI CotY “Grand” Award Winner 2011 A roof deck on this 115 year old Capitol Hill Mansion, make a safe and comfortable family relaxing space. Before and After – Roof Deck We designed, engineered, and constructed a roof deck on this 115 year old Capitol Hill Mansion, to make it a safe and comfortable family. "

Capital Hill, DC Roof Deck

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"For their frequent dinner parties and for the love of cooking, these homeowners wanted to enlarge and improve the function and form of their kitchen. NARI CotY “Merit” Award Winner 2009     Brief Scope of Work For their frequent dinner parties and for the love of cooking, these homeowners wanted to enlarge. "

North Arlington, VA - Kitchen Remodel

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"With Archbold Glover Park as their back yard, this couple wanted a kitchen with an eat-in dining area that would maximize their view. Landis won a 2012 CotY Merit Award for this project. "

Kitchen & Dining Area with an Unparalleled View

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"The owners’ had lived in their Chevy Chase DC house for more than 20 years always envisioning their dream kitchen, a small sitting room, all with a view to their the backyard. Chrysalis Award 2013 NARI CotY “Grand” Award Winner 2012 Brief Explanation of the Scope of Work The owners’ had lived in their Chevy. "

Chevy Chase, DC - Rear Addition & Kitchen Remodeling

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"Brief Explanation of the Scope of Work This project entailed carving a new master bathroom from the existing 2nd floor space of a 1910 house. The original 2nd floor of the house had four bedrooms sharing a single bath. The new owners of this 4-Square house in Washington, DC’s Cleveland Park neighborhood wanted a master. "

Cleveland Park, DC - Master Bathroom Remodel

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DC Home Addition

It is an age-old question that many homeowners have had to face: should we move or do a home addition? With changes to the family, there comes a point in time for many people where they realize their current house just isn’t meeting their needs anymore. But moving can be so expensive, and if you have already laid roots down in a neighborhood, and it is close to work with great schools, then you probably don’t want to consider moving. Would a remodel of your current living space be the right answer? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before making the decision:

1. How much money do you want to spend?
2. How long have you lived in your home and how long were you hoping to stay in your home?
3. Do you love the location of your current home?
4. Do you generally like the layout and floor plan of your present home? What do you not like? Is it changeable?
5. If you remodel, do you believe it would offer a good return on your remodeling investment? How much do you potentially think your house value could rise?
6. Are you willing to undergo a home renovation and still occupy the house while it is happening?
7. Would you want to consider living elsewhere while major reconstruction is occurring on your primary residence?

Kitchen Remodel

In a lot of homes, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house and where family and friends congregate most often. It’s only natural that you want the space to feel welcoming, inviting and comfortable. But if your house hasn’t had an update in years you may be feeling a little hesitant to anyone over for dinner. If you’ve been embarrassed by your outdated countertops, worn out cabinets, and the lighting that came straight out of the early 90’s then it might be time to seriously consider a kitchen remodel and finally have the updated and beautiful kitchen you’ve dreamed of.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider remodeling your kitchen:

Falling apart

If you live in an older home, the years may have taken some serious wear and tear on your kitchen. Flooring may be cracked, cabinets may be peeling or missing doors and appliances are barely hanging on for dear life.

If your kitchen has deteriorated, then it is definitely time to consider a full kitchen remodel.

Home Improvement

Bath Remodel

You start your day in the same place every single morning; the bathroom. In fact, you spend a lot of your time in the bathroom (using the toilet, showering, getting ready, cleaning it, etc) so shouldn’t you enjoy being there? If your bathroom has cracked floors, dinged cabinetry and colored sinks and fixtures, then it may be time to consider a full bath remodel.

By remodeling your bathroom, you can completely change the whole look and feel of the space. You might actually enjoy spending time in there if it felt comfortable, modernized and well-designed. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider a bath remodel:

Expand the space

If your bathroom is crowded, cramped and tiny, then it might be time to call a professional builder or architect to come and help you expand the space. If you and your spouse have struggled for a long time in trying to figure out the best way to get ready at the same time in a small bathroom, then a full bath remodel is a good solution.


Over the years your family has undoubtedly changed. Maybe you have recently added some children, or your children have grown into teenagers, or maybe you and your spouse are finally empty-nesters. Whatever the reason may be, most families go through a lot of changes every few years and might need to consider a home renovation project to better make the house fit the needs of the changing family. While it might be tempting to save money and attempt the project all by yourself, it is actually worth the added cost to hire a professional architect to do the job.

If you are considering a home renovation or addition, you should seriously consider speaking to an architect about the job first. These professionals are specifically trained in design and can provide thoughtful evaluation of the project. In fact, most architects end up exceeding the expectations of the homeowner.

Since beginning a project is always the hardest step, call some local architects to help get the ball rolling immediately. In case you still are not convinced, here are a few additional reasons that you should consider hiring an architect for your large-scale home projects.

Areas we also service include:
Capitol Hill
Chevy Chase

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