Building Permit

Building Permit

When you engage Landis for a project, our design and build services include preparing the construction documents to submit the plans to the building department in your jurisdiction. A permit is needed to obtain an official inspection from the government agency involved to confirm that the work has been done to meet local building codes.

While many firms may include this work in their services, the application forms, processing times, and terminology can vary widely from one jurisdiction to another.


As an extra level of service for our clients, Melvin Crenshaw, our full-time permit expeditor, helps guide permits through the complex process.



A Plat for Your Property

Our expediter works directly with our designers and project managers to navigate the often confusing and challenging permitting process. We believe this attention to permitting results in a more predictable outcome from the numerous planning departments we work under.

Typical areas of concern which we encounter for homes within the Washington DC metropolitan area:

  • Zoning
  • Historic Districts
  • Advisory Neighborhood Commissions
  • Commission of Fine Arts
  • Local jurisdictional requirements (i.e. Town of Chevy Chase, City of Takoma Park, Town of Somerset, etc.)
  • Condo, co-op, HOA requirements
  • Site/storm water management requirements
  • Easements (Pepco, WSSC, DC Water, Washington Gas etc…)
  • Engineering and building codes
  • Trade permits (many of which are handled by our in-house plumbing/electrical divisions)



During project construction, your local jurisdiction sends inspectors to the site to make sure each discipline is installed correctly and according to code. In Maryland and Virginia, the inspections are generally easy to schedule and complete. In the District, however, we have found inconsistencies in scheduling inspections that can delay your project. We hire third-party inspectors to review the project to help the project proceed efficiently.


Approved house drawing

Approved house drawing