A large slice of Landis Architect/Builders’ business comes from “word of mouth” referrals and recommendations—something which we highly value.  In the home remodeling business, quality and trust are tantamount.  Other types of marketing are not nearly as valuable as the good words from a friend, neighbor, colleague or peer.

We appreciate your referrals and as a form of thanking you for telling your friends about your work with us, for each referral we receive from any given party that results in a Landis Architects/Builders employee visiting a client site and writing a proposal (regardless of whether it becomes a design and/or construction project), we will send you a $100 gift card.  For each referral which becomes a design and/or construction project, we are also offering at least 4 hours of time from our small projects specialists or $400 as an additional gift.

For more information, please contact us at (202) 726-3777.  This offer is prohibited in Maryland.

Thank You Written in Sky