As an architect or designer, you are looking for a trusted partner who can help you and your clients realize their project.  As an early member of your team, we can bring the following skill sets and services to bear from Schematic Design through Construction:

  • Zoning Review
  • Code Review
  • Ballpark and detailed estimates
  • HVAC, plumbing, boiler, electrical systems review and advice
    Tahani with Imlays and Chris

    Meeting with clients in Landis’ offices

  • Estimating
  • Value engineering
  • Permitting
  • Construction
  • We are also a dealer for several lines of cabinetry that can be integrated into your project

We are looking for challenging projects where we can collaboratively have fun and exceed your client’s expectations.

We will provide a free ballpark estimate for most projects, but putting together a more detailed construction proposal requires a substantial commitment of time and resources.  For this reason, we require a “preconstruction services” retainer to complete a negotiated full bid for most projects designed by non-Landis architects.  This retainer will be credited to the construction contract should your client hire our firm for construction.

Some other firms will bid on a complex set of drawings for free, so why should your client pay for an estimate?  Other firms which bid on your work likely won’t be providing you with much advice and feedback along the way unless they are confident of “getting the job.”  Businesses don’t work for free and you’re not likely to get much focus or much attention from a contractor whose time isn’t being valued.  The free bid is not likely to come with much description other than words to the effect that the price is, “based upon the construction documents.”  In our wide experience, what’s absent or ambiguous on most sets construction documents can fill many pages of change orders or fuel misunderstanding and missteps.

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