Pre-Construction Services
As a firm with architecture and construction services under one roof,
we offer a level of expertise and experience rarely found within residential design-only firms.
Architect with clients reviewing drawings - Pre-Construction ServicesBidding is an essential part of the design and project development process because it conveys a project from paper toward constructibility. Even with a “complete” set of construction drawings, it is typical for this project development process to identify and resolve an array of issues which could include: structure, code and zoning issues, heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical issues, energy efficiency, material selections, etc. Often we are approached by an architect and homeowner at an earlier stage of design and can help inform and guide many of the decisions.

Because of the value we believe we bring to the table and the valuable time we invest, we request a retainer to complete a construction estimate. We call this Pre-Construction Services.

Pre-Construction Services

If you have a set of plans from a design professional and you would like us to build the project, we request a retainer to complete a construction estimate. We call this Pre-Construction Services.

When homeowners send their “bid set” drawings out to contractors to produce a construction estimate, they are usually baffled by the wide range of estimates they receive. This is primarily due to contractors having to make numerous assumptions about information that is missing from the drawings.

The purpose of our pre-construction agreement is to create a construction proposal that meets your expectations and works with your budget and includes:

  • a thorough review of the drawings
  • communication with the homeowner and architect
  • site visits by key Landis employees and subcontractors
  • clearly defined and written construction cost estimate
  • value engineering with pricing options
  • options for scopes of work with suggested phasing to meet your preliminary budget

PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT. The retainer is typically 1 to 2% of the ballpark cost of the project. Depending upon the project, this fee can be credited in part or in full to the construction proposal, should you proceed with our firm into construction.

MISSING INFORMATION: Items missing from drawings often include:

  • Comprehensive existing drawings which accurately show mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems.
  • Relevant zoning and building code considerations
  • Building envelope and material finish specifications
  • Half-inch scale sections, elevations, and details

BUDGET. We also see situations where the client’s budget does not match the cost of construction. Often an architect’s construction estimate is too low, assuming they have developed one with you. Our solution can also be to value engineer your project, working with you on your priorities. We are happy to talk with you, review your drawings, and provide you with a ballpark construction budget range at no cost.

DRAWINGS. You can ask your architect or designer to make our recommended changes. If not, our team can update the drawings for a fee in addition to the pre-construction services contract. We would avoid making changes unless necessary to secure a permit.

FINISHES. We charge additional hours to specify all the material selections and would draw up a contract for those services.

PERMIT. The cost of securing building permits is included in our construction proposal.