Feasibility Study
A Feasibility Study is another great tool we offer.
It’s a great launching point for design and also offers substantial value for a customer in the right situation.
A Feasibility Study is typically geared toward work that will all take place in a single construction phase, but has some complexities or uncertainties and several potential solutions. There are several circumstances when we recommend starting with a Feasibility Study:
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Capitol Hill Townhouse

  • When there are several fairly divergent potential solutions (and corresponding budgets) to a client’s design. For example, if the homeowners aren’t sure if an addition is needed or if the existing home could be remodeled to meet their needs,  and need to review design and cost implications for both options.
  • Zoning or Historic District Issues. We can use a Feasibility Study to develop preliminary plans, complete research, and make contacts with the officials having jurisdiction to probe whether what the customer wants would be likely to receive a permit.
  • When the homeowner’s budget is fixed or difficult to define and there is a doubt as to if and how much of the desired changes we will be able to complete within the set budget.
  • Investment Analysis. If a homeowner has inherited or purchased a property they would like to use as a long-term investment.

A Feasibility Study offers a great way to ease into the homeowner/architect relationship since the Feasibility Study costs a lot less than a full design process—like speed dating with AutoCAD.

As part of our Feasibility Study, we always outline what our processes and costs will be for the full design..

Feasibility Study

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In the right situation, it’s an option we highly recommend you consider.