Investment Analysis
Investment Property Analysis
For the clever and brave at heart, investing in residential real estate in the Washington, DC area can be a fruitful strategy to create and grow wealth.

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During the heady real estate bubble from about 1996 to 2007 investors could purchase a property and sell it within a year or less for a substantial profit. Those days may not return, but shouldn’t dissuade you. While housing prices have dropped in some DC neighborhoods, in others they’ve continued to increase.  Where it has decreased, it’s been by smaller amounts than in most parts of the country. We believe the most prudent approach to real estate investment is probably one of: buy, develop, and hold.

Whether you choose our firm to design and build your project or another, we can provide consulting services to help you analyze your opportunity. While we don’t generally act as property locators, we can analyze the property you own or are considering purchasing to help inform your investment approach.

Investment Analysis

Services can include:

  • Zoning analysis to determine what will be within your rights to build (e.g. number of units allowed, allowable footprint and number of levels, allowable finished square feet, parking requirements, etc.)
  • Informal inspection of the property to determine the property’s liabilities and assets with regard to the proposed renovation.
  • Explanation of potential Variance and Historic requirements. We can also make inquiries with the Zoning commission or the Historic Board on your behalf.
  • Financial analysis of likely costs and return on investment.

While design services are not typically included in a zoning analysis, our design department can enter into a separate feasibility study agreement to complete preliminary floor plans to help with planning and bank loans.