Reconfiguring the first floor of this older home and adding just 20 square feet of space at the back and enclosing a balcony allowed for a more welcoming entry, open sightlines, an updated kitchen, and fixing a stairway issue. The original entry to the house was a side door directly into the mudroom. Closing off one section of the front porch allowed us to create a foyer with a new centered front door, also a sliding door to the small side porch. Additionally,  in the mudroom, we added custom built-ins. The foyer now leads to one large open room, with a cozy sitting area and family room; which we were able to create by removing two additional walls.

At the reconfigured second level, we relocated and updated both bathrooms, and reconfigured some rooms and closets to create a larger child’s room and better home office. The small addition at this level allowed us to create more comfortable stairs and bring in more natural light. We also expanded the bedroom at the back for use as an office – four windows overlook the backyard, giving it a treehouse feel. A pocket door closes off the office.

We kept many of the original features of the 1915 house.