The owners of this multi-level apartment at the top of a condominium building in the city wanted to renovate for two main reasons. First, they wanted a larger kitchen with new appliances and a central island with seating. Second, they wanted to create a home gym that was open to their existing deck.

The clients’ desire was to expand the existing 6-foot deep deck as much as possible. We were able to double the depth to 12 feet. The roof starts to drop away beyond the 12-foot mark and there is a chimney on the other side of the fence that dictated the expansion size.

  • We reused the existing concrete pavers but installed contrasting darker pavers.
  • Re-mounted existing steel railing, but attached cedar fence to it for privacy from a nearby high-rise building.
  • Installed a direct gas line to the grill.
  • Mounted a rack on the brick wall with an outlet below for a future TV installation