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Bold Blue Kitchen


These homeowners like bold colors and chose deep blue cabinets for their kitchen renovation in this 1890 Capitol South row house. We removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create one large entertaining space. To bring more natural light and provide sight lines from the front to the back of the row house, we added new windows to the back wall and moved the opening to the other side as a full-light door.

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DSC5453fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

Dining1 Before 280x210 - Bold Blue Kitchen

BEFORE – The original wall between the dining room and kitchen.

Kitchen features include:

  • Cabinetry that extends to the ceiling to maximize storage
  • Large island with seating for four
  • Painting that imitates the pattern of the ceiling we uncovered during the renovation
  • Buffet cabinetry in the dining room with a built-in wine cooler



DSC5489fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

Kitchen1 Before 280x210 - Bold Blue Kitchen

Kitchen2 Before 280x210 - Bold Blue Kitchen

The door to the deck was originally on the right side. We moved it to the left and added new windows to bring more light into the kitchen.






DSC5485fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

DSC5458fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

DSC5470fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

Dining2 Before 280x210 - Bold Blue Kitchen

BEFORE – New buffet cabinetry now abuts the stair landing.

DSC5508fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

DSC5479fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

DSC5473fusion 1 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

The countertop is Statuario Bianco Polarstone. The mosaic backsplash brings together the blue and white shades in the kitchen. A pale gray tile floor provides a neutral backdrop. The wall cabinets are also pale gray, but we used a warmer dark wood for the buffet.

DSC5479fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue KitchenDuring the renovation, we discovered a badly damaged tin ceiling. As a tribute, the homeowner hired a faux painter to copy the original tin pattern on a piece of wood that they placed above the island. Our gift to the client was to capture a piece of the historic tin in a tray.

DSC5519fusion 1024x683 - Bold Blue Kitchen

Kitchen3 Before 280x210 - Bold Blue Kitchen