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Capitol Hill Kitchen


This kitchen is the showpiece on the main floor renovation of a historic row house on Capitol Hill. It’s part of a major renovation that covered all four levels. (Click here to read more about the whole-house renovation).

We removed the odd U-shaped kitchen that was located in the center of this floor. We moved the kitchen into what was originally the dining room at the back of the house and incorporated an odd, narrow enclosure into the space to enlarge it.

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BEFORE The original kitchen was a small, U-shaped room in the center of the main floor. We moved the kitchen to the existing rear dining room.

Incorporating the odd narrow side addition required removing the masonry wall and installing a beam across the opening.

CapitolHillRowhouse EnclosureBandDuring - Capitol Hill Kitchen

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AFTER: Making that odd sunroom part of the kitchen allows for an eating area with built-in bench.


The clients asked for a “wow” kitchen and we delivered.

  • The clients wanted French doors so they could close off the kitchen, but still allowing light to flow through. The transom above the French doors maximizes light and fits the traditional look of house.
  • The large island has a Carrara Gioia Venatino polished marble waterfall countertop. The white perimeter cabinets are topped with Cambrian Black granite with a leathered finish.
  • The gray island cabinets provide contrast to the white perimeter cabinets. The gray has a black glaze that gives it depth.
  • Since we had to drop the ceiling to hide beams and HVAC components, our designer came up with the idea to create a coffered ceiling with tin panels to fit the home’s traditional style. We did have to rebuild one wall to make it more perpendicular so the coffered ceiling could be perfectly centered over the island.
  • Other traditional touches: trim and molding, tile accent square above the range, glass upper cabinet doors with square lights, chrome cabinet hardware.

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BEFORE: The new kitchen is in what was originally the dining room. The door to the right is to the odd narrow room that we incorporated into the room by removing the masonry wall, installing a beam, and rebuilding the structure.

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AFTER: The French doors allow the kitchen to be closed off when not being used. We also installed a new rear full light door to the back patio. We were able to add a closet to the right of the French doors. The door on the left is to the new powder room.

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BEFORE: The original opening to the rear dining room was narrow. The opening on the left is to the original U-shaped kitchen.

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