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Sleek and Modern Bath in Foggy Bottom


Grand Award – Residential Bath, 2013 NARI Capitol CotY

The owners of a condominium on the sixth floor of a nine-story building in Washington D.C. purchased a small adjacent apartment so they could combine the two into one large space. They would need a larger space because the couple was expecting twins. They wanted to reconfigure the new apartment to include a large master suite with a contemporary bathroom. We combined the original kitchen and bathroom into one large bathroom.

“We are very pleased with the overall experience, practically stress free, thanks to the excellent workmanship, a very good internal quality control, and an effective communication. Strongly recommend.” – The Clients/Homeowners

The existing wall between those two rooms contained ducts and gas lines so it could not be removed. We incorporated that wall into the new bathroom design–essentially creating rooms on both sides of that wall. On one side is a tub and sink that is open to the master bedroom. A glass door leads to the second area, which has a large shower and sink.

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The clients, who are both Italian, wanted a very European contemporary style–one that matched the style of the first apartment. We achieved that with simple, elegant materials that come together in a crisp design.

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Due to the limitations of moving plumbing in an existing building, we placed the new shower in the same place as the original tub. Though we had to maintain the existing location of the drain, we used a long strip drain and sloped the shower floor toward that drain. We used the same tile in the shower and the bathroom floor. Our attention to detail included lining up the grout lines because we wanted the shower to look like an extension of the bathroom floor. We moved the electrical box from the original kitchen because code does not allow electrical boxes in the wet area of a bathroom. We moved it to the master bedroom, which required some tricky re-wiring.

DSC 4872a 685x1024 685x1024 - Sleek and Modern Bath in Foggy Bottom

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For the tubular lights set in the mirror above both vanities, we had to set the wiring so the low-profile fixture would cover the junction box.

Besides the bathroom, we also added a large walk-in closet and soundproofed the one wall in the master bedroom that is shared with an adjacent apartment.

The new modern bath is part of a spacious master suite that captures the couple’s elegant style.
The suite is a perfect retreat for the couple and provides a separate soothing oasis from the chaos of twin toddlers.

IMG 8951 585x780 - Sleek and Modern Bath in Foggy Bottom

Before photo of the original kitchen.

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April 1, 2016