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Takoma Park Kitchen


A modest 96 square foot one-story addition allowed us to expand and install a new kitchen in this charming 1900s home. We worked with the city of Takoma Park’s Historic Review Board to make sure the rear addition fit with the historic structure. It was part of a larger renovation that included adding a powder room on the main level, and adding a bathroom on the 2nd level.

The modest 96 square foot one-story addition fits under an existing 2nd story sleeping porch that had been enclosed.

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The clients opted to use Ikea glossy white cabinets. Our crew assembled and installed the cabinetry on site. To provide an organic accent, we included walnut doors and open shelves. These pieces were purchased from a company that builds real wood veneer doors that fit over Ikea cabinet boxes.

The island is sized to fit the space and provide adequate clearances around it for good traffic flow. The client requested the waterfall feature. The stone tops in the kitchen are Calacatta.

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BEFORE: The outdated kitchen – prior to the addition and new window and side door. Did we mention it was pink?

The new kitchen has clean lines, but includes a few elements that pay tribute to its historic roots.

  • Brass lamps above the sink (the original trim around the window was narrower, but once the client found these fixtures, we widened the trim to accommodate the lights.)
  • Globe pendants
  • Brass lamp over built-in table
  • Glazed brick white subway backsplash tile
  • Black painted window and door
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The undermount Kohler sink is a functional workhorse and includes an integral cutting board.

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Built-In Seating

The benches in the seating area were made in pieces off site by one of our carpenters and assembled in the home.

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The table in the seating area was going to have a single leg as support, but the client sent the designer photos of floating tables. The designer researched and found hardware to create the cantilever. The square tubing has a 33-inch long angle and is bolted to the wall. Our carpenters built the table from walnut veneer on plywood.

IMG 6455 576x768 1 - Takoma Park Kitchen

The design originally had the radiator placed lower on the wall. When the client found this bench, we raised the radiator. Hooks above the radiator are perfect for drying wet coats. The Pella door to the deck has a black painted interior and exterior and matches the new kitchen window.

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Since we built the foundation of the kitchen addition on piers, we insulated the joists and walls with spray foam. The house had a SpacePak air conditioning system we could use for the kitchen. To heat the space, we replaced the bulky original radiators with slimmer models.

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September 16, 2015