Interior Design Services for the Washington D.C. area

Ideally, the interior design will complement and amplify the beauty and elegance of a home’s architectural structure. What are your favorite rooms in your home to spend time in? Is it the kitchen, den, or bedroom? What do you like about these spaces, and what would you like to change? For instance, do you want your office to be minimalist and sleek, with no distractions, or do you want it to be warm and cozy, a place to mull over ideas and pore through books? Interior design truly makes a house a home, allowing you to choose what story you are telling with your space.

How does interior design work when building/remodeling a home?

Interior design is typically offered two different ways:

  1. An interior designer works with you as a standalone provider, separate from your architect and construction teams
  2. An interior designer is offered as an integrated part of your broader build plan via the design/build methodology

Landis can support both options mentioned above but recommends going the full-scale design/build route – a streamlined approach where every aspect of a build or remodel project (permitting, architecture, interior, development, construction) is handled by the same company.

What does an interior designer do exactly?

Interior designers work with you to develop the aesthetic of a space, considering any functionality needs that you may have. An interior designer works with color palettes, furniture, art and décor placement, room layout, lighting, window treatments, cabinetry, fixtures, even appliances. They can work with themes if applicable, and it is their job to map out your design vision and help you bring it to life. They are artists in their own right: developing an ambiance, curating a “feel” to a space. Every little detail matters, and interior designers are pros at the details.

You may have lots of ideas about what you want, or you may prefer to let the interior designer take the lead. Both are fine options, and a savvy designer will work with you to get it just right. Maybe you have a color in mind, or you have an antique chaise longue you want to build a parlor around. Maybe you have a painting you absolutely love and want to feature it prominently in an entryway. Interior design is a fun element to bringing your new home or remodel full circle.

How Landis approaches interior design

Landis offers a full-service design build process, allowing you as the customer to work with us for every stage of your build, remodel or addition project. Every customer at Landis is assigned a lead designer or architect to handle scoping and schematic design and an interior designer to complement the final design vision with considerations for the furnishing of the end home.

Landis can offer interior design as a standalone service when needed and can work with outside construction/architecture firms if needed but recommends going the streamlined design/build approach. Landis employs quality, experienced and licensed interior designers who delight in helping you create your dream space.

Why Landis for interior design

At Landis, we are proud to provide you with a singularly superior client experience. Here are 3 key reasons why our clients love working with us:

1. A one stop shop

As a Design/Build firm, we do all the legwork for you, start to finish. Many home projects can require the homeowner to hire interior designers, architects and construction teams separately, which can present unnecessary challenges. With Landis, the process is streamlined and efficient. We employ licensed experts in every trade required to build your house, addition, or renovation: permit expeditors, plumbers, electricians, architects, and, of course, interior designers. This provides continuity and guarantees everyone involved is on the same team with the same goal: to make your interior decor dreams a reality.

2. Demonstrated expertise

Landis has over 30 years of experience designing and building homes in the Washington, D.C. metro area and was founded by and for people who appreciate excellent craftsmanship. One of our lead designers, David Richardson, is an Allied ASID member and many members of our current interior design staff have come from dedicated interior design firms. Our designers are dynamic, creative and ready to tailor your space to your specific vision.

3. A passion for detail. –

Are you a history buff hoping to model your office after a favorite historical figure’s home, or design a library inspired by your favorite era? Have you always dreamed of a luxurious bathroom with gold accents and fluffy rugs? At Landis we have a passion for nuanced design concepts and our staff can help you realize your vision with the help of tools like our 3D modeling software.