John FitzGerald

Team Leader

John has been in the construction and real estate industry his entire adult life. After building out several basements of apartment buildings during summers in high school, he graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia. He was a property manager for 20 years and earned the designation of Certified Property Manager, specializing in extensive renovations of apartment buildings and houses. Before joining Landis in 2021, he operated his own business completing extensive renovations of historic high-end homes in Chevy Chase, MD. Throughout his career, John has worked closely with all stakeholders, working collaboratively to achieve superior results. He has served several roles at his alma mater, Landon School, and was on the Advisory Board of Chain Bridge Bank from its inception through its first five years. He lives in Section 3 of the Town of Chevy Chase with his wife and two children. He loves boating and fishing, particularly fly fishing.