Having Fun with Jobsite Signs

We like to make sure every detail on a project meets our quality standards. It starts with the jobsite sign. When you’re choosing a remodeling company, we want you to see a well-maintained and professional sign. We also include business cards and flyers for more information. We created this humorous video called Landis Yard Sign.

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Grown Up Toys

When you have an office full of construction geeks, having this going on behind your building can be a little distracting. This steel dinosaur has been rolling through, tearing down three former auto mechanic shops to make way for a new apartment complex. The team was able to almost completely clear the site in one week..

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The Resale Value of Good Design

When you’ve spent 30 years designing projects in the area, it’s inevitable that at some point, these homes will be sold. But this week , Paul Gaiser, our Director of Architecture, hit the jackpot–three homes he designed or remodeled are now for sale. All three of these homes reflect his classic style and appreciation for area home styles. If.

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Financing a Home Remodel

For this guest blog, we asked John Yannetti, Loan Officer at Charter One, to explain financing options for remodeling projects. What options are available to pay for a remodel and what are the pros/cons of each? There are four main options to pay for a renovation on your home: Cash This is a good option.

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Green Challenge

Ethan Landis recently attended the launch party for Do It For DC and is excited about the contribution it could make to the city’s environment and economy. The program aims to help DC residents make sustainable choices though an online coach. Participants take an online Lifestyle Assessment survey with answers from the survey used by.

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Tax Incentive for Aging in Place Features

Attention Montgomery County, Maryland residents! As of July 1, 2014, you can receive a property tax credit for an accessibility feature installed on an existing residence. These features include a no-step entrance, wider interior doorways, grab bars around toilets, tubs, and showers, lever door handles, and rocker light switches. These features come from the county’s.

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Best of Houzz 2014 Satisfaction

Landis Awarded Best of Houzz 2014 Customer Satisfaction

We were recently awarded a Best of Houzz 2014 Customer Satisfaction badge on our Houzz page. Combine that with our Best of Houzz 2013 Design badge and you’ve got a company that is covering both sides of the remodeling experience. Click here to visit our Houzz page–where you can read the great reviews we’ve received from customers, and.

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Source: ontariorealestatesource.wordpress.com

Zoning Update for Accessory Apartments

Update: See article in the NW Current’s Spring Real Estate section on this topic with quotes from Ethan Landis. Page 14: http://issuu.com/currentnewspapers/docs/springrealestate2014 If you are a D.C. homeowner and have considered converting your basement, garage, or carriage house into a rental apartment, the D.C. zoning commission is proposing a change to the zoning law that would make it easier to add these accessory.

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#14: Our Designers Top 14 Remodeling Trends for 2014

  #14 Wider Selection of Lighting Our designers are using more layers of light within a space to allow clients to set the mood. They’re also using more indirect/ambient lighting rather than task lighting. These include lighting a cove ceiling in a master bedroom, sconces in a hallway that allow light to wash down the.

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#13: Our Designers’ Top 14 Remodeling Trends for 2014

  #13 Wide Wood Flooring When it comes to wood floors, we’re seeing wider boards–five to six inches–rather than the 3-inch wide flooring from a few years ago. Also, instead of high gloss, clients are choosing an oil finish that looks more natural–similar to the waxed wood floors in the past. This goes back to.

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McGraths_Tubes_solar_7 12981782355_c90416186b_o 10846993725_fe797fb461_b
DSC_4814a1SMALL 9720982656_2eeefe9c9c_o A freestanding oval tub and built-in storage
Bathroom designed for universal access Johnston_kit_out_L_crop_31 a25_elevation_rear