Lift It Up: Material Delivery with a Crane


We recently used a lift to deliver granite kitchen countertops and appliances into a condominium located on the top floors of a building in Washington, D.C.  During our pre-construction walk-through, we noted that the building does not have an elevator and the front door was not wide enough to bring in the appliances, so we planned for a lift rental.

The machine was operated by Allen Apple, the project manager on the job. Within a few hours, we had lifted all of the items through the French doors on a small balcony off the main level of the two-story condo.

These were the only materials we delivered by lift. For the delivery of the drywall and lumber, our genius field crew used a pulley system they rigged off the upper floor balcony/opening. They installed a beam and fitted it with a pulley, allowing the team to lift materials into the lower floor balcony French doors. The project is a major renovation, including building a floor in the existing open atrium to create a room and better access with new wide sliding doors to the roof deck, full kitchen renovation, closet work, and custom built-in shelves for the living room.

We used a similar lift to install a pizza oven. In that case, it was because the oven weighed 2500 pounds!

We also used a lift to place pre-cast walls for a basement renovation. View the video here. (We apologize for the shaky quality of the video – the camera person was taking the video from the roof of the house.)