Architectural Design for Home Remodeling

We have over 32 years of experience designing homes in the DC Metro area, and we have a talented group of architects, interior designers, and drafters on staff. Your design team will guide you through our three design phases.

Complete Design Services

After our team leader visits your home either virtually or in person, they will present a design proposal. This formal document summarizes your renovation goals, provides a design fee for that scope of work, and an estimated budget range for construction. The fee is typically 12% of the mid-point of the estimated construction range, but could be lower on larger projects. Our typical project range is $250,000 to $500,000.

During the proposal review, we will discuss the pros and cons of different aspects of projects so we can edit and finalize the proposal. Once you sign the proposal, we’ll guide you through the steps below to complete the architectural design, including material selections. Once design is complete, we will create a separate Construction Proposal.

For large and complicated projects, our designers may generate a virtual reality link so you can visually walk-through your project. To see an example of this, click to view the image below in 2D (or put on 3D goggles for the VR version.)

View a VR Model

Design Process

1. Schematic Design

Retainer: 50% of design budget due at signing

  • Create As-Built Drawing & Evaluate Existing Conditions
  • Develop & Review Schematic Design Options
  • Produce Estimated Construction Budget
  • Update Design Budget

2. Design Development

Retainer: 25% of design budget due at schematic approval

  • Review Interior & Exterior Elevations
  • Retain Engineer as Necessary
  • Discuss & Make Material Selections
  • Develop Design Detail
  • Update Design Budget

3. Construction Documents

25% of balance due at delivery of drawings

  • Complete Permit Drawings
  • Complete Engineering as Necessary
  • Finalize Material Selections & Finishes
  • Present Construction Proposal & Schedule

Project Team: Team Leader | Project Designer | Design & Construction Support Staff

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Other Design Services

Feasibility Study

If your renovation has uncertainties and several potential solutions, we may recommend starting with a Feasibility Study (instead of the Full Design described above) This is so our design team can help you decide on a solution with a schematic design. There are several circumstances where we recommend a Feasibility Study:

Evaluating Multiple Solutions
Zoning or Historic District Issues
Home Investment Analysis

Master Plan

The Master Plan is a great architectural tool that is used in residential architecture for larger projects where a homeowner would prefer to complete the work in several phases over a number of years. A client may have need or financing for only a portion of the project in the near term, but needs a broader scope and long-term project outline.

This Master Plan helps the client visualize the finished product and it informs both us and the client regarding the phasing of the work. Also, looking at the whole ensures each component of the design functions with the others. It also minimizes the amount of earlier work that will need to be undone in later phases.

Often, we’ll determine during the study that upgrades to the structure or mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems that will be necessary for a later phase of work make more sense to complete earlier in construction. For example, think about what would be done differently if we had already planned your addition of a second or third level to that one-story addition we’re designing now.

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For those clients that want help with landscaping, we can integrate these services into your full-service renovation.

Adding a landscape consultant to the design team will help you create a seamless transition from the interior of your home to the exterior, allowing for complementary selections for outdoor rooms.

You can choose from a planting plan or full landscape design with patios, hardscaping, decking, lighting, firepits, fountains, outdoor kitchens, and furniture.

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