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What will my project cost?

The numbers below should help inform your budget expectations when you hire Landis for a well-designed and well-built construction project. The below costs are additive (i.e. for a one- story addition that includes a kitchen, add the two budget ranges) and combining projects will typically incur cost savings. Projects can also be completed in phases. These prices anticipate that the project is in an older home with aging plumbing, electrical systems, settlement, mud-set floors, and lead paint remediation. Projects in newer homes will be at the lower end of the range. Painting and appliances are not included in chart below.

Our minimum design fee is $15,000, and we typically don’t construct projects under $150,000 (unless you are a returning client). If you have a project which does not fit the project types below, give us a call so we can better understand your scope.

One-Story Addition
Add Story/Pop-Up
New House
Basement Dig-Out
Design Fees
Initial Consultation
Roof Deck
Hall Bathroom
Primary Bathroom
Multi-Story Addition
Finish Existing Basement/Attic
Whole House Renovation
Accessory Dwelling Unit


How can I finance my project?

When you’re planning a remodeling project, start thinking early about how you’ll finance the project. The scale of the project that you can undertake will be directly influenced by the amount of money available. You can complete a Feasibility Study to see if the project can be completed within your budget. If your remodeling plans are ambitious or expensive, you can consider creating a Master Plan to complete your project in phases–perhaps over a period of years.

1. Cash
2. Home equity line of credit
3. Cash-out refinancing
4. Loan to future value

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