A whole house renovation is needed when a home needs new finishes and systems in multiple rooms and can also address exterior upgrades. It can be for a rowhouse, single-family or a semi-detached home. Though it is best to complete the work at the same time, we can finalize the full design and then plan for the construction in phases.

Benefits of a whole house renovation:

Maximizing the value of your home

We can advise you on the areas of the renovation that make the most sense both for your family now and for resale value.

Minimizing maintenance

With our team reviewing every aspect of the house and making finish recommendations, we can make your home as easy-to-maintain as possible.

Addressing energy-efficiency and comfort

Opening up walls allows us to better insulate a house and install efficient HVAC systems and appliances. We can even advise on a geothermal HVAC system or work with a solar consultant to set up your house for panels now or in the future.

Cohesive aesthetic

A whole house renovation gives you the opportunity to reflect your personal style from the front façade to the interior rooms.

Why Landis?

An all-in-one approach

A whole-house renovation is complex. The many steps, decisions and paperwork can feel laborious and all-consuming for the everyday homeowner. At Landis, we simplify the remodeling process because we can meet every requirement in-house and provide guidance on every decision.

Landis offers a full-time permit expeditor, a proprietary design team led by registered architects and builders that cover plumbing and electrical —no need to outsource or do extra work.

How the whole house renovation process works with Landis

Step 1. Consultation and design contract
Step 2. Initial design meeting
Step 3. Schematic design
Step 4. Design development
Step 5. Permitting and construction

How long does each phase take?

Initial design scope and selections: Two to four months

Permitting: Two to four months

Construction: Three to eight months

Total project: Seven to sixteen months

Case Studies

Home Rescue in Forest Hills

Our clients purchased this 1940s home thinking the rundown property just needed a cosmetic makeover. As it turned out, the brick walls were damaged in places, the plumbing and wiring was outdated, there was no insulation in the walls, no air conditioning, and drafty single pane windows. When our team saw it, they thought it looked haunted! The family of five wanted to modify the 4,700 square foot home’s layout to create a large open kitchen with adjacent mudroom, update all the bathrooms, and install a family room in the basement.

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Rowhouse Revival in Capitol South

This 1890 rowhouse had been renovated over time, most recently in the 70s. Our clients wanted to renovate every floor. The floors and walls were out of level, and most of the systems were old. We gutted the structure to the studs, leveled and re-framed the walls and floors, added insulation and updated the plumbing, electrical and HVAC. Once the structural and systems work was complete, our crew installed a new expanded kitchen, updated all the bathrooms, and updated the basement. Reconfiguring the first floor plan involved taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create one large entertaining space. To bring more natural light and provide sight lines from the front to the back of the rowhouse, we added new windows to the back wall and moved the opening to the other side as a full-light door.

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A passion for D.C. area homebuilding

Landis has been building homes in the District, Maryland, and Virginia for 31 years. We know D.C.’s surrounding neighborhoods and we know the design and architecture styles of our metropolitan area. We are a family-owned business, we know and love our community, and we are dedicated to, and passionate about, our craftsmanship.