Sarah Kendall

Content Marketing Specialist

Sarah is originally from the area, having grown up in Fairfax, VA before heading to the University of Florida. In the spring of 2021, Sarah ended her four-year Florida vacation, with both a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a Master of International Business. At UF, Sarah was honored to serve as the President of the American Marketing Association her senior year.

Now Sarah is back home and excited to develop herself as a professional in her first full time job! She works on many different aspects of our company’s marketing efforts, but she is most excited about all the experience and knowledge she is gaining in graphic design/content creation! (p.s. if you message us on social media, you are probably talking to Sarah).

Sarah’s interests include live music/festivals, yoga, fashion, and bad reality TV. The three words she would use to describe herself are tenacious, creative, and caring.