Salvage Materials For Client Gifts


We appreciate the features and detailing of older homes and we know our clients do too – that’s why they’re likely undertaking a renovation versus purchasing a new home. During the demolition phase of a home renovation, our crew looks for materials that can be salvaged to gift to the client at the end of the project. These include heart pine flooring, tin ceilings, beams, metalwork, molding and millwork, slate roof tile, etc. Each gift is crafted by a woodworker and specific to that client and home. We usually try to make something that is both useful and decorative. Here are some of the gifts we’ve had made from these salvaged materials.

The wood for this tray and wall hanger (left) were salvaged from exterior siding boards (right) from this historic home. The tin was pulled from the kitchen. The hooks for the wall hanger are made from ceramic tube from the knob and tube wiring.

When we reconfigured the doorway (right), we kept the medallion to make this wall hanger (left).

This large cutting board (left) has a pattern created by using the end grain of the heart pine flooring (right) pulled from the main level of this Dupont rowhouse.

This tray (left)  is made from heart pine (right) pulled from the second floor of this rowhouse renovation.

This tray (left) is made of slices of the banister (right) of a grand and historic Mt. Pleasant house.

Our field crew set aside cast iron legs and a hook from a project (right) to make both a lighting fixture and table (left).

The table is made out of the metal legs which came from a concrete basin we found in the basement, as well as tin from the main level.

The light is made from the rusted hook we found in the house. The hook is sealed to maintain the tarnished look.

The tin border salvaged from a Capitol Hill house is sealed to maintain the coloring and framed in wood.

Heart pine flooring is used in a herringbone pattern to match the new oak floor we installed in this Dupont rowhouse.

Our lead carpenter found this sun dial buried in the yard during a major home renovation. It’s sealed in epoxy in this tray.

A piece of slate from the roof of a renovation is engraved with an elevation drawing of the new front facade.