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Accessible Condo Makeover


Grand Award – Universal Design, 2013 NARI Capitol CotY.
Gold Award – Universal Design, 2014 Master Design Awards from Qualified Remodeler magazine.

A Northwest DC couple contacted us to update their two-bedroom, two-bath condominium to make the apartment accessible for the wife, who’s illness required her to use a wheelchair. Universal design features such as wider doors, curbless shower, and ramp to the patio, makes the space more comfortable to use for everyone.

Bathroom with shower by Wilkinson9362596714 d59d245bb3 o 681x1024 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Bathroom vanity and large, open shower

“I was most satisfied with the magnificent completed project provided by Landis. They have done three projects for me. One of the three was relatively simple, which was built-in book cases and a fireplace. Another was more complex, a renovation of the kitchen. A third, a major renovation, which involved widening corridors and constructing a brand new handicapped accessible bathroom. Also, a wonderful entrance to the garden was provided. All the work for all of these projects was first class. They were extraordinarily good.” -The Clients

Our clients, a Northwest DC couple, had lived comfortably in their two-bedroom, two-bath ground level condominium for some time. They contracted us to make the unit more accessible as the wife became progressively handicapped and had to use a wheelchair.

Bathroom with shower by Wilkinson9362596714 d59d245bb3 o 681x1024 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Bathroom designed for universal access

Hallway MWilkinson 300x200 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Widened apartment hallways.

We combined the two small bathrooms into one large bathroom. The wife is an artist and loves color. She chose bright yellow bathroom grab bars which contrast with aquamarine tiles. The glass shower stall is tailored to both the husband and wife’s needs–grab bars and a seat for the wife and a rainhead shower for the husband. A wheelchair can easily roll into the curbless shower. For this feature, we had to slope the floor so the water flows toward the drain. The glass shower door swings in both directions for easier access. The vanity is open underneath with storage on both sides.

We widened the apartment hallways and the doorway into the kitchen. We moved the kitchen door from the living room into the entry hall. The cabinets on one side of the kitchen are shallow, which makes the storage easy to reach. In the living room we added the ethanol fireplace and surrounded it with built-in bookcases.

The ground-floor condo has a patio, which the couple wanted to continue to use. We installed a flagstone ramp from the living room to the outdoor patio. This required installing a stainless steel threshold both inside and out so the wheelchair can easily roll over the raised door frame.

These small changes make the space comfortable for not just the couple, but for all visitors.

DSC5648aSMALL 1024x627 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Custom built-in bookcases were built to surround the new ethanol fireplace

Kitchen 9362591604 0fc83959b3 o 1024x683 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Remodeled kitchen with shallower cabinets for easy access

Kitchen 9362592252 a01ae37603 o 1024x682 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Redesigned kitchen with shallower cabinets and a wider entryway.

Patio with ramp9359818371 0095829ed5 o 819x1024 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Flagstone patio with flagstone ramp and stainless steel threshold.

Patio 9362594556 d0f9515b46 o 1024x683 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Flagstone Patio made accessible by adding a ramp



We worked with the clients again when they purchased the unit next to their original unit. We combined the two condo units into one large unit. The renovation allowed us to enlarge the original U-shaped kitchen and install new cabinetry and countertops.

MG 13 - Accessible Condo Makeover

The drywall section between the cabinetry is the location of the original wall.

MG 8 - Accessible Condo Makeover

This is the original living room of the next door unit.

MG 10 - Accessible Condo Makeover

This is the living room of the clients unit. We took down the wall between the units.


MG 3 1024x680 - Accessible Condo Makeover

Combining the two units also created a large double patio.


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