When this Capital Hill Rowhouse was constructed in 2010, it was made to resemble the traditional rowhouses in the neighborhood. However, that design included dark cabinetry and tiles, and the owners wanted a bright and modern look. They also wanted to maximize storage.

On the first floor, we replaced the flooring with a light wood-like tile in the office and an artistic ceramic tile in the entry. We also leveled the floor in the office as it was sloping towards the front side.

In the original builder-grade kitchen, we replaced the cabinets with new lighter cabinetry, added modern lighting, and created more storage that was tailored to their kitchenware and style of cooking.

For the bathrooms, the clients wanted to create a spa-like feel and they wanted to convert the bathtub to a shower. Our designer used a soft beige and gray palette, but mixed subtle textures that add interest. As the bathroom has high ceilings, a new coffered border helps to visually define the space. It also allowed for the installation of recessed lights. The new 36-inch modern vanity has an integrated porcelain sink top. Chrome legs give it the illusion that it’s floating. Both drawers have a lot of storage, which was important to the clients. A separate wall-mounted cabinet provides additional storage.